Media Marketing – Success with special forms of advertising!

ALPHA POOL is a special media marketing agency that, as a full-service agency, also handles the booking of ads or the conception of the media strategy and the selection of suitable media measures. We specialize in the topic of special forms of advertising because we are convinced that our customers are otherwise often threatened by the diversity of advertisers. But with the right marketing strategy, which also dares to venture beyond the classic advertising, you can successfully reach your target group in new ways.


We give you access to media solutions that achieve a multiple of media value even with smaller budgets and thus lower your entrance barrier to present yourself on large advertising platforms. As a full-service agency, we take over the complete planning and implementation of the media marketing of your choice, which minimizes the additional work associated with special advertising formats.


ALPHA POOL specializes in all forms of special advertising formats (presenter spots, split screens, etc.), which we strategically apply to your company, and we also offer a cross-media approach at top conditions.
We are happy to assist you in choosing the right form of advertising. Thanks to our comprehensive marketing analyzes, we can determine the right advertising strategy especially for your content. Even with smaller budgets, content can be placed in high-reach media.


Depending on your selection, your advertising can be seen on all channels: TV, print, online, OoH, display, etc. It is placed in an exposed position and embedded in a package of accompanying measures. In contrast to classic advertisements, you can place far more eye-catching ads with special forms of advertising. This form of advertising is also suitable for smaller budgets or in the start-up phase.