Full Service Event Agency Berlin

ALPHA POOL is a full-service event agency berlin based and specialized in highly effective events and can manage awesome events with smaller budgets that serve its purpose, as well as design, organize and implement highly complex, internationally oriented lifestyle events.

Many years of experience

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of event management, we were able to perfect our approach to realize events that are tailored to your company . We are not only specialized in the organization, but also the media support and distribution of the produced content of the event.

All Round Carefree event service

Whether concept, guest list, location, process, communication and much more. – We offer you an all-round carefree service, both when it comes to advising and implementing the event. Thanks to excellent needs-based and target-oriented event management, our services contribute to cost optimization that enables you to make substantial savings.

Well thought event concept

We make your vision of the event a reality with a well thought-out concept. We give your event the necessary guidelines that are tailored to your company. Based on the concept developed with you, we plan and organize the implementation of your desired event.

Enormous Event network

Our enormous network of contacts enables us to offer you the best possible options in the individual areas of event management. In other words: From the top-class guest list, including celebrities, to the unique location, catering or selected photographers and journalists, we can guarantee you the highest quality of implementation. And above all: We don’t leave details such as the graphic design of the invitations and their time management, the red carpet or other hospitality factors, which experience has shown to be neglected when preparing even by experienced companies.

Guaranteed Event Success

Our unique approach already aims at placing the content of your company in the media when planning the event. Thanks to our media support, the idea behind an event will reach the desired target group 100%. We know which components are important for the distribution of the content and can use this knowledge to organize unique events, which are well recognized nationally and, if desired, internationally – with guaranteed success, of course!

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