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with more than 15 years experience and over 1.000 bookings


ALPHA POOL is a Fullservice Influencer Marketing Agency based in Berlin, Germany. We work with all kind of German Influencers but as well European and International Influencers. We are founded in 2002 and have more than 15 years of experience in the field of celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing and have executed more than 1.000 booking.

Influencer marketing has become increasingly important for companies in recent years. With the right influencer marketing you have the possibility to generate authentic, credible and profitable advertising. This is brought to the target group by an identification person with a role model function.

Even though influencer cooperations are more popular today than ever. This form of marketing existed even before the social media hype of the last few years. Under the term Celebrity Marketing or Celebrity Cooperations it is a proven tool in the marketing mix and countless examples prove the effectiveness of Celebrity Cooperations or Influencer Cooperations.

Credibility of Celebrity Endorsement or Influencer Marketing

In a recent study, the market research institute ‘Splendid Research’ published that young women (63%) in particular react positively to product recommendations from influencers. According to the survey, a third of this group has already bought at least once a product that they came across through a recommendation in the social media. Female users feel particularly attracted to tips on beauty and body care as well as fashion. Male users, on the other hand, are inspired by the topics of technology and computer games in social networks. In any case – it is crucial how trustworthy the influencer is to the target group. Some trendsetters may reflect an interesting lifestyle, but credibility is the decisive factor influencing the followers’ buying decisions. The choice of the right influencer cooperation must be well thought through by the company.

Influencer for Best Agers

Celebrity cooperations also make sense outside of social networks. For example, when best agers are to be addressed. The generation 50 plus has a decisive market share due to its considerable purchasing power. Due to demographic change this target group is becoming ever larger. Best Agers are less in the social media and pay more attention to “quality journalism”. And this they do mostly in the classic print media. Of course the celebrity has to fit to the 50 Plus target group.

The right choice is therefore crucial for your success in influencer marketing. Regardless of whether a younger or older target group is to be addressed. Many companies still trust their gut rather than their head.

This should be taken into account: Not only the reach of the influencer plays an important role. Sometimes the selection criterion “class instead of mass” should be applied to generate more credibility for the product and to convey authentic content to the target group.

Brand ambassador

As an experienced agency for your Influencer Marketing or Celebrity Marketing we help you to find the right brand ambassador. Our qualified marketing team draws on the latest market research findings, on the basis of which we determine the right influencer and the right form of placement for your corporate content.