Enthralling, emotional, exciting and, above all, informative – documentaries and reports are among the most important educational media of today.

Documentaries offer the opportunity to depict true stories, events or facts to the audience. They inform, entertain, impress and give an authentic picture of reality.

Whether you pursue an educational mission or want to present your brand – as a company you have the opportunity to use the power of this medium.

ALPHA POOL takes over the planning, implementation and media distribution for you.


Educational Assignment – Documentaries and Explanatory Videos

Documentaries and explanatory videos are suitable for every awareness campaign to reach and educate your target group. Because they offer the opportunity to make complex topics understandable and accessible to a large audience in a creative and innovative way. Clear images and exciting facts are used to creatively explain complex issues and relationships.

In addition to an exciting storyline, authenticity and credibility are our top priority.


Corporate documentary

A documentary gives you the opportunity to portray yourself and give viewers an exclusive look behind your brand. Depending on the concept of the documentary, your company is in the foreground or you establish yourself as a player on the global world market in which you explain your role. You can share your ideas, visions and motivations with people and significantly enhance your image.

Documentary is the ideal medium to authentically communicate brand content and gain the trust of potential customers.

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The primary purpose of a documentary is to objectively illuminate the chosen subject. The key to a good documentary lies in presenting thesubject in a clear, interesting light with high-quality images.

As a top service provider in the documentary industry, ALPHA POOL not only handles the conceptual design and production of your documentary film, it also takes care of marketing, including booking a screening medium (television, streaming service, etc.), editorial reporting and even organising premiere events.

Production of your documentary

Whether editorial preparatory work, booking the film team, the preliminary calculation of the various variants or the control of the project according to our proven ALPHA process database – ALPHA POOL takes care of all matters before, during and after the production of your documentary.

We work exclusively with experienced and qualified service providers who meet our high standards in the field of film.

Whether animated explanatory videos or elaborately produced documentaries – ALPHA POOL is your full-service provider to convey your content.

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