Panel discussion – corporate communication in dialogue


Panel discussions are very popular. The format offers the ideal platform for exchanging ideas, promoting dialogue and openly exchanging and presenting arguments – especially in the case of complex issues or even conflict-laden topics. For companies, the public exchange can be the ideal opportunity to present content and interests to the public in an objective setting and involve a wide variety of interest groups.

In the case of controversial issues in particular, one-sided reporting can lead to negative reactions and the opposite effect, which increases the gap between critics and supporters. An open panel discussion, on the other hand, has the potential to bring together opposing opinions and get critics to listen to their own arguments.


But the panel discussion format is not only suitable for controversial topics. The public exchange also offers a suitable platform for lively discussions to promote and optimize collaboration.

ALPHA POOL not only designs and organizes your panel discussion, we also implement it in a high-quality manner and ensure a high-reach media placement. Whether host, location, talk guests or a top-class guest list – as an experienced and well-connected full-service marketing agency, ALPHA POOL offers you an all-round service with a fixed all-in price that is unique in this industry.


Book a host: structure and overview

One talk guest skips, another tries to dominate the discussion and another does not allow his fellow discussion partners to finish – these scenarios must be prevented by a well-selected and qualified host. It is important that a balance is created between the speeches of the interest groups and that the discussion remains understandable, clear and, above all, structured. Of course, lively discussions are also desired, but the speakers must focus on the thematic focus set for the panel, on which everyone can express their opinion freely. A qualified host skillfully leads through the discussion, passes the word on in the right place and summarizes the opinions in an understandable and impartial manner for the audience.

When selecting the host, ALPHA POOL leaves nothing to chance and thus enables an exciting and well-structured discussion.


Book talk guests: No one-sided discussion


When selecting the talk guests, it is important to find representatives from the interest groups relevant to the topic.

A balance should be created between the various opinion leaders. However, the focus is not on simply letting conflicting and controversial opinions clash, but on inviting serious representatives of the specialist fields. Talk guests must be able to be objective and open to the dialogue, but at the same time be able to discuss passionately. Prominent faces from various areas of interest naturally attract a larger audience and can cause a media response.

Thanks to its enormous network of contacts, ALPHA POOL brings the right talk guests to one table in order to promote a lively, authentic and, above all, informative discussion.


Top-class guest list and first-class location

Not only the selection of panel guests and the host is decisive for a successful panel discussion, you can also score points with a well-known guest list.

A top-class guest list made up of board members, politicians or celebrities adds value to the event and can promote networking between the individual industries and, of course, the expansion of one’s own network. And as every experienced entrepreneur knows: a well-developed network can be decisive for the success and growth of the company.

As a well-networked agency with years of experience, ALPHA POOL opens up a large number of relevant contacts for you and takes care of your top-class guest list including invitation management.

In addition, there is the choice of the right location, setup of the podium, catering, pick-up service for guests, attractive decoration and possibly technical requirements, such as a screen for video or film presentations.

Thanks to years of experience, ALPHA POOL knows the factors that make your panel discussion a success, and guarantees you high-quality planning, implementation and – if desired – media distribution.

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