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Whether we enjoy our evening TV show, looking forward to the exciting soccer game in front of the screen or surf the Internet – commercials achieve an enormous reach and are omnipresent in everyday life. As a company, you can use this marketing tool to convey advertising messages in a memorable way and to reach your target groups.

Creativity knows no limits. Emotional, fact-based, aesthetic, technical, innovative or humorous – a well-made commercial is perfectly tailored to your product and designed in such a way that it touches your target group, creates awareness and encourages viewers to buy your product or service.

ALPHA POOL is your full-service agency that designs your commercial and implements it with high quality.


Concept Creation and Script

Whether you want to trigger emotions, entertain or provoke – through commercials you can tell your own little story that will stay in the minds of the audience. A commercial lasts just under 28.2 seconds on average. The challenge is to tell a coherent story within a short period of time. First of all, you need to ask yourself what messages and emotions you want to convey: will it be a happy story or a sad one? What will move the audience? How should your product or your brand be perceived in public?

ALPHA POOL creates scripts based on your briefing that evoke lasting, memorable images. We deliver creative ideas through which your advertising message reaches your target group, arouses curiosity and remains in the memory.


Storyboard and Schedule

To ensure that the shoot runs smoothly, we create detailed storyboards based on the script. A storyboard is a visual sketch of the commercial and is an important part of the pre-production process. It consists of a series of images that show everything that will be seen in your finished film.

Storyboards are essential for the planning of the shoot: Settings, camera angles and the exact sequence during the shoot are defined in advance. This saves time and, above all, costs on the day of shooting.


High Quality Production

Whether directing, camera, sound or editing – we are among the top service providers in all areas and, thanks to our many years of experience in the film business, we can also fall back on highly qualified and experienced service providers. We implement the developed concepts optimally and cost-efficiently.


Post Production

Post production including music and graphics, visual effects and possibly more elaborate CGIs as well as sound mixing and color corrections are the final steps in the process of advertising film production. This can take several days or weeks – depending on how extensive the production is and how complicated the final requirements are.

ALPHA POOL knows the requirements and challenges of post production that will make your project a success. Because only through high-quality post-processing will your advertising sport get the right look and feel.


We realize your commercial!

With our professional and experienced authors and teams, we put your product in the limelight. However, it is not just our know-how and high-quality technology that are decisive: but that certain something that we put into each of our productions.


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