Cosmos Direkt Stiletto Test Drive

High heels behind the wheel, or should I say not? Lilly Becker and Jorge González test which shoes are best suited for driving. The reason for this is a forsa study commissioned by the insurer CosmosDirekt, which found that 90% of women at least sometimes wear unsuitable shoes when driving.

Therefore the two TV stars took a seat at the wheel and tested their reaction abilities in high heels on a test track at Eberswalde Finow airport in the north of Berlin. The two followed the invitation of the insurer and tested their driving ability in platform shoes, flip-flops and sneakers.

“For me as a mother, safety when driving is the top priority. I do not want to endanger the lives of my loved ones and, of course, mine in any way”, explained Lilly Becker before the test. “Driving in high heels is incredibly difficult, you come on the brakes much more slowly. That’s why you should always wear flat shoes when driving a car”, was the conclusion of the driver.

High Heels at the wheel a no-go

And Jorge González also found out during the test that it is better to ride in flat shoes. “Today’s test clearly proved that you don’t have a feeling for the pedals and you go slower from gas to brake. Driving a car with such shoes causes an accident faster and endangers not only yourself but also others”, the catwalk trainer explained his experiences after the test.

“Even though I almost always wear high heels on the job, I would never drive a car with such shoes and have never done so before. Today’s test clearly proved that you don’t have a feeling for the pedals and that you can get from the gas to the brake more slowly,” said high heels fan Jorge Gonzalez. His tip to all style-conscious female drivers: “Take a spare pair with you, even if you risk a brief break in style. When you have parked safely, grab the high heels quickly from the back seat – then nobody will notice the trick.”