Live Production


Concerts, fashion shows, panel discussions or live streams – ALPHA POOL is your ideal partner. As an experienced full-service agency, we take care of all important components of your live production. We only work with the best and most experienced teams from the fields of camera, sound, direction, editing, effects, and pre- and post-production. Our creative ambition drives us to do each project better than the last.

ALPHA POOL knows the requirements of live productions and does not neglect even the smallest details.



The preparation of live productions is extremely important. From the setting, the lighting, the camera settings to the sound – precise timing is required. ALPHA POOL analyzes possible disruptive factors even before production and eliminates them in order to enable a smooth and cost-optimized production process.



We create unique pictures that perfectly stage your content. What content do you want to convey? Who do you want to address? How would you like to be perceived as a brand? As a creative media company, we create content that sets your brand apart, maintains your image and appeals to your target group.


High-Reach Campaign

ALPHA POOL not only specializes in planning and implementing production, but also in the accompanying campaign. We guarantee that your tailor-made content will reach your target group safely and that no elaborately produced content is lost.

Thanks to our unique approach, we offer high-reach placement of your brand content with guaranteed success.

Find out more about PR with a guarantee here.


Live streams

Authenticity, closeness to the action and the possibility of a direct dialogue with the audience – live streams are enjoying increasing popularity. As a company, you can also take advantage of live broadcasts to authentically place your branded content. Because the constantly growing media market requires new creative forms of communication in order to prevail against the oversupply of the media.


All-round service

ALPHA POOL is your service provider for live productions. Preparation, technology, support, editing, live streaming and the right campaign – our complete packages offer you an all-round service.


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