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ALPHA POOL is a full-service marketing and pr agency Berlin based

√ We work in the field of marketing, pr, communication, influencer marketing and endorsments.

√ We design, produce and distribute your brand content.

√ Thanks to our many years of experience in this area, we were able to optimize our strategies so that we only offer you success-based offers.



Completely dependent on success


Our unique system of PR marketing allows us to offer our services completely dependent on success in order to take away any risk.

For you, this means enormous reach at fair prices or – in the unlikely case that no reach has actually been achieved – you have no expenses.

In this way, we make earned media similar to classic media and bring you a lot of predictability into an area that is currently still subject to high risks.

We see ourselves as a solution provider – as your reliable service provider in the field of content PR marketing. You specify the goals for the reach – we deliver results.

  • Reliable
  • international
  • 100% success-based!
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Our Service Areas


We set the highest standards for the quality of the material and work with highly qualified editors to create authentic editorial content that will surely reach your target group.

In television, print and online media.

Customized content

When distributing editorial articles through different publishers, content agencies often lose content that, however, the company would like to place. Thanks to our work with experienced journalists, we can distribute the desired articles to the publisher without losing important content. We know the requirements of the different editorial departments and can therefore deliver customized content in advance – you only pay if we are successful.

Wide-reaching network

The high level of the content that our PR marketing agency delivers to the publishers has opened up an enormous and wide-reaching network of contacts in the area of ​​content distribution over the years. With us, no texts, no videos, no photos and, above all, no important branded content leave the house without our final editorial team checking the content for both the qualitative and quantitative requirements, correcting it where necessary and approving it. In this way, we guarantee both the publisher and our customers high-quality content.

Customized Distribution

We specialize in customized distribution of your content and are among the leading companies in this area. Already during the production of the content, we have the necessary and wide-ranging placement in view, which we can guarantee through our targeted approach.
From our headquarters in Berlin, we supply over 1,000 publishers in many European countries for the media TV, print and online, where we are known for our high-quality contributions. We always keep an eye on the result and ensure that the content that is important to you is placed.

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