Product Launch – The best Entry into the Market


The market launch of a new product or service is an essential factor for its sales success. Because in the constantly growing market it is necessary to optimize market entry with the right marketing strategy in order to assert oneself against the competition.

With a smart product launch strategy, you have the opportunity to attract the attention of your potential customers and arouse curiosity about your new product. Do not miss the chance to introduce your product to the market in the best possible way with the optimal sales start.


Product Launch: Concept, Campaign and Placement

As an experienced marketing and event management agency, ALPHA POOL not only designs your sensational product launch, but also implements it with high quality and ensures a high-reach placement that reaches your target group. In addition, we offer an all-round service in which we implement the right advertising and / or social media campaigns tailored to your individual product launch.


Product Launch Marketing – the optimal Market Launch

Raise expectations!

For a successful product launch, it is important to perfectly stage your brand and of course the new product. Live performances, fashion shows or rooftop parties – there are no creative limits to the design of a product launch. With the right location in the right ambience, you can charge your product with the right image with potential buyers. The setting is individually adapted to your target group and can vary from an elegant Soho atmosphere to a hip party location.


Product launch with celebrities

The use of one or more celebrities or influencers is recommended for high-reach media placement. This does not necessarily have to be a long-term collaboration or an endorsement deal. Booking celebrities for a personal appearance is particularly useful for launch events. By using the fame of the celebrity, you can create additional awareness and reach for your product.

ALPHA POOL stages and places your product launch and creates maximum awareness for your product among your potential customers.

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