Jorge Gonzalez Parfume by Dobner Kosmetik

Thanks to his participation as a catwalk coach at “Germany’s next Topmodel”, it is impossible to imagine the red carpets without him. Wherever he appears – on dizzyingly high high heels – he radiates good humour: catwalk coach and Let’s Dance juror Jorge González.

Dobner cosmetics presented: Jorge Gonzalez by Glamour & Heels

From now on, the Cuban-born perfumer can also spray his own perfume: the multi-talented artist has developed two fragrances with Dobner Kosmetik, which he has now already presented in his adopted home of Hamburg: “Jorge Gonzalez by Glamour & Heels” is the title of the two fragrances. And the name says it all. Here too, the multi-talent remains true to his trademark: each flacon of the two fragrances, the “Edición Oro” and the “Edicón Plata”, is designed in the shape of a high heel and should therefore delight all fashion-loving “Chicas”.

“I have always loved beautiful fragrances,” Jorge González told us. “When I was offered the opportunity to develop two fragrances of my own for women, I was naturally very pleased. My perfumes are presented in the perfect flacons for this purpose: in the shape of high heels. Everything simply fits together. The flacons are superstylish, in the form of high heels with a small platform. They are incredibly decorative and should not be missing in any bathroom,” says the designer.

Rose versus coffee scent

The perfume is also available in a double version, in a silver and a gold bottle. The golden version, Edición Oro, is scented with rose, orange blossom and magnolia. This is why Jorge González describes it as a light and floral fragrance. “A very feminine scent that exudes glamour,” explains the runway coach. The other, Edición Plata, is a more intense, very sensual fragrance with notes of coffee, jasmine and vanilla. “It’s sexy and very feminine,” he said, emphasizing the merits of his silver perfume. Jorge, you’re a real multi-talent.

Interview with Jorge González:

AP: How did you start your own fragrance line?

JG: I have always loved beautiful fragrances. When Dobner offered me the opportunity to develop two of their own fragrances for women, I was thrilled. When I heard that the bottles were shaped like high heels, I accepted immediately! The flacons are superstylish, in the form of high heels with a small platform. One is silver and one is gold, these are two colors that women can always wear. The flacons are incredibly decorative and should not be missing in any bathroom from now on.

AP: What does Jorge Gonzalez’ perfume smell like?

JG: There are two fragrances for different occasions. One is a rather light and floral one, it smells wonderfully of roses, orange blossom and magnolia. It’s a very feminine scent that radiates glamour. “Edicón Plata” is a little more intense, very sensual and mysterious, with the scents of coffee, jasmine and vanilla. It is very sexy and feminine. All chicas will find with me the right fragrance for every mood and every situation in life – I promise!

AP: How much Jorge is in the perfumes?

JG: It was teamwork. I was very involved in every step of the process: from creating the fragrances to designing the bottles and packaging. Of course, I particularly enjoyed developing not only the fragrances, but also the shape of the high heels.

AP: These are fragrances for women. Why for the ladies and not for the men?

JG: The chicas always come first for me (laughs). And it is they who wear high heels. I always wanted to create something for the women. But the men are also welcome to try my fragrances. It unfolds differently on every skin.

AP: What fragrances do you wear and for what occasion?

JG: For me it is important that I feel comfortable in my skin. A fragrance has to be subtle and match your personality and mood. I sometimes go out with flat shoes, but never without perfume! People often say: “Jorge must have been here. He still smells of him.”

AP: How important is it to smell good?

JG: Very important. Perfumes also give me a feeling of cleanliness. It makes me feel good in my skin.

AP: What does your bathroom look like?

JG: It’s a complete disaster (laughs). It’s overflowing with tubes and cans. Masks, eye creams – I just have to try everything.

AP: What do you do for your skin? Has it perhaps ever seen a syringe?

JG: No, never, except maybe my bottom (laughs). I try to keep it as natural as possible as far as this is concerned. And I don’t want anything on my face – except my laughter. I do a lot of sports. I eat everything, but in moderation. And always have positive thoughts, that’s my secret of youth.

AP: Should all men wear perfumes, and if so, which ones?

JG: Absolutely. Good smelling men – every woman loves that. Men should be as well groomed as women. After all, there are a lot of cosmetic products specially designed for him these days. But many men make the mistake of buying the wrong perfume. You first have to try out a fragrance and let it unfold on your skin. It is important that the fragrance matches the type.

AP: You were a catwalk trainer at the GNTM. How well can you and Heidi Klum still smell each other?

JG: Very good. Heidi is a great colleague and we worked together wonderfully. And she always smelled very, very good. I will definitely send her a pair of my new high heels.

AP: What other new projects can your fans look forward to?

JG: Soon I’m going to Holland, where I’m going to shoot my first feature film. I am really looking forward to that. I’m not allowed to tell you more about that yet.