Green Peel Beauty 2 Go by Dr. Schrammek

Coffee to go was yesterday, now it’s time for beauty 2 go. And so the VIPs came to the opening of the first “Green Peel beauty2go” lounge of Dr. Schrammek in Cologne to receive their mobile beauty treatment. The traditional cosmetics company presented a new “magic cure” for the skin: the “Green Peel beauty2go” treatment. A quick beautifier that provides a fresh and radiant presence in just 45 minutes. This is intended to simply conjure away wrinkles and tiredness. The special feature: this product is based on herbs and is 100 percent natural. It can also be used quickly and painlessly during the lunch break or just before an event.

Celebrities love quick beauty treatments

With drinks and good music the guests could enjoy the fast beauty treatment. Lilly Becker revealed nice details about her husband Boris: “Boris sometimes uses my face cream,” she said during the opening. Model Rebecca Mir was immediately enthusiastic about the latest product: “Beauty to go is a great idea, especially when things have to be done quickly. I’ll definitely come by here after work and try it out.

Everything quite natural

But if the former “Germany’s next Topmodel” candidate has a little more time, she will bet on her self-made products. “I love peelings and masks – and often make them myself: from fresh ingredients such as cucumber, olive oil or honey. I then let them work while sitting on the sofa and watching TV – and sometimes my husband has to take them, too,” she said.

But Lilly Becker and Rebecca Mir were not the only guests at the beauty party; presenter Nina Moghaddam, model Alena Gerber and GZSZ star Janina Uhse were also there. Janina Uhse took a little time out from shooting and wanted to have a good time. “This is my third day off today and I finally have time to really indulge myself, also in terms of cosmetics,” said the actress.

Nina Moghaddam

Presenter Nina Moghaddam has just become a mom for the first time. “Six weeks ago,” she said proudly. For the first time she now revealed the name of her little son: “His name is Lenny”, she told. “For a long time we couldn’t find a favorite boy’s name, so we turned to a name book. There we came across “Lenny” – and knew immediately: This is the name.” How does it feel to be mom? “It’s great, but also a lot of work. I’m surprised that I’m standing here so fit today, because I’m currently only sleeping in a two-hour rhythm. But nature has arranged it so that it works. And fortunately there are concealers. But when it comes to cosmetics, I can’t get anywhere at the moment. That’s why all treatments that are quick and easy are ideal.”

Alena Gerber

Model Alena Gerber (in “Ana Alcazar”) had come to Cologne especially for this event: “I just came from Spain where I was shooting for a new Champions League format. I’m going back to Munich tonight because I have to be back in front of the camera at six in the morning. With my busy schedule, beauty to go is simply ideal,” she laughed. She has just spent half a year in the USA: “I’ve been back in Europe a lot for a month now because of work, and I’m really happy about that. America is great, but I missed Germany so much. I now have an apartment in Munich again, but I have only seen it for three nights so far. In the future I will probably commute between the USA – I still have a flat in Malibu – and Europe.” What does she like when it comes to cosmetics? “I attach great importance to high-quality cosmetics, because after all I have to earn my money with my face. To be honest, the last time I made it to a beautician was six months ago. But that’s gonna change now.”

Janina Uhse

“I’m taking a five-week break right now,” said GZSZ star Janina Uhse. “This is my third day off today and finally I have time to really indulge myself, also in terms of cosmetics,” she said. What is the reason for the professional time? “After the years at GZSZ, I need a bit of space and want to go back to the set fresh and full of energy afterwards.” During the break, however, the program is not only about cosmetics and beauty: “I will spend time with my family and we will also travel together: We’re all going on a cruise together to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.”

Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio

The dermatologist and anti-aging expert Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, welcomed the numerous guests “At Green Peel beauty2go, natural herbs are gently massaged for a maximum of one minute. The effect of this light, short massage is to stimulate blood circulation and increase skin metabolism. The result is a rosy and fresh complexion, i.e. a great look without any make-up. The treatment is now available in selected institutes and will soon be available in other German cities such as Hamburg, Munich and Berlin.

Further VIP guests

Among them: actress Jasmin Schwiers (“As the mother of a one-year-old child, the beauty program is naturally limited and I only managed to put on my eyelashes and paint my nails today. But still mummy needs little islands of pampering for herself – just like today”), tv host Panagiota Petridou (“Beauty to Go is the ideal solution for me, because I’m a very lazy cosmetics guy and I’m not one of those women who spend hours hanging around the drugstore. But I always have my pot of theatrical make-up in my car, even today, that’s my miracle cure so far”), “Heldt” star Janine Kunze (“As a mother of three who is working, there is almost no time for beauty, so anything that goes fast and is uncomplicated is great”) with husband Dirk Budach, choreographer, artistic director and Got to Dance jury member Marvin A. Smith (“I’m here in Cologne from Tuesday to Friday because of “Got to Dance” and have already made an appointment today for a peeling. In 2015 peelings are definitely a man’s business”), the “Good Morning Germany” presenters Roberta Bieling and Angela Finger-Erben, presenter Eva Imhof, Dr. Martin Drusio (husband of Christine Schrammek-Drusio) as well as their son Alexander Drusio (runs the family business in the third generation) and daughter Christina Drusio,