PR marketing: Karstadt – Hidden camera with Sylvie Meis

For the launch of the “S by Sylvie Meis” collection, ALPHA POOL successfully took over the unique PR marketing and medialization. Sylvie Meis acted as an undercover seller with glasses and a black wig in the branch on Mönckebergstrasse in Hamburg. At least that’s what she thought! Because while the moderator presented her apparently unsuspecting customers her lingerie, it was in reality she herself who was getting pranked. The customers were actors and made the eloquent Sylvie Meis speechless. She took it with humor when the prank was uncovered and was happy about the large bouquet of flowers that was given to her for reconciliation.

PR marketing with guarantee

The action was captured with cleverly placed and hidden cameras and the director followed and steered the scenery out of the changing room. In addition, ALPHA POOL conducted an interview with the still amazed Sylvie Meis.

The campaign attracted a lot of media attention and was placed in numerous media in print, TV and online.