Event Marketing Campaign for Osborne

For the Spanish family-owned company Osborne ALPHA POOL created a unique event marketing campaign. Osborne wanted to promote its new premium brandy Carlos I and place it in a target group-oriented manner and with a wide reach.

Content production and editorial placements

In order to promote the premium brandy Carlos I, the Spanish family business Osborne held a cocktail competition for bartenders in Andalusia. ALPHA POOL was commissioned by Osborne to place the premium brandy and the setting of the competition with different stories in the German media.

In order to produce relevant editorial content for the German media, ALPHA POOL used media-relevant celebrities. Including actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, renowned bartender Charles Schumann and the former professional gymnast Magdalena Brzeska. The three German celebrities were exclusively invited to the event in Andalusia and various stories were produced with them.

Athlete Magdalena Brzeska presented herself for the first time with her new friend Roland Klein at the Osborne event and spoke about the fresh relationship and famous bartender Charles Schumann and operator of the legendary Munich bar “Schumann’s” gave exclusive tips for a brandy sour with Carlos I.

The stories and the exclusive image material ensured the placement of the Premium Brandy Carlos I, which was discreetly but effectively embedded in the stories. The range guaranteed in advance by ALPHA POOL was successfully

Adressable TV campaign

Thanks to the highly effective technology HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), media content is integrated into the TV program via the Internet on the television. By placing an advertisement with L-Banner, the viewer can see his regular program with an integrated advertising board without a classic advertising break. This special form of advertising was used as part of the campaign in the run-up to Christmas to boost sales in the Christmas season.

Advertorial and native advertising

The campaign not only included editorial placements and TV advertising, but also high-quality online advertorials about the new Brandy Carlos I – of course target group-oriented and with guaranteed reach. Advertorials offer the possibility of embedding the advantages of a product with an editorial appeal in an exciting and interesting article for the reader, without aggressively promoting the product.

A coordinated native advertising marketing campaign completed the overall campaign and ensured high clicks.