Fashion PR agency Berlin

Fashion PR Agency Berlin ALPHA POOL initiated a PR campaign for QVC on the occasion of the Royal Wedding. For this, prominent guests were invited to a design summit in London. The whole world was looking at London on May 19th, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. A topic that also excited German celebrities!

Celebrity campaign

In April, ALPHA POOL therefore initiated the QVC Design Summit in London and invited the prominent faces of the channel to the London studio. The well-known design and style experts Thomas Rath, Barbara Becker, Boris Entrup and Elna-Margret Princess zu Bentheim were brought together to exchange ideas and to present their collections and products to each other.

High-reach placement

In conversation, our experts discussed also the upcoming major media event: the royal wedding, which they analyzed and discussed from a style and fashion perspective.

The summit was accompanied exclusively by the ALPHA POOL film and photo team and then placed in the German media with a wide reach.