Pamela Anderson likes Sea Buckthorn liqueur

All in yellow – matching the colour of the drink – the former Baywatch mermaid Pamela Anderson shone at several events, which were staged for the customer Waldemar Behn for the launch of the new sea buckthorn liqueur – Andalö. The new scene drink was presented by the Hollywood icon Pamela Anderson herself. The Hollywood blonde explained to the astonished journalists with a smile on her lips that she was the last living descendant of Carl Petter Andersson, who invented the drink in the 19th century.

At an exclusive VIP event at Berlin’s posh club “The Grand”, VIP guests celebrated the new sea buckthorn liqueur Andalö. Among the prominent guests were Sophia Thomalla, Nora Tschirner, the Ochsenknecht brothers Jimi Blue and Wilson Gonzalez and Enie van de Meiklokjes.

Let’s call it Scandalö!

Pamela Anderson also invented a new aperitif. A bartender served the Hollywood star Jägermeister with sea buckthorn liqueur. Thereupon the beautiful Hollywood blonde cried “Okay, let’s call it Scandalö!

Andalö Events

The launch event in Berlin was only the beginning of a whole series of events by and with Pamela Anderson and Andalö, followed by the Andalö Midsummer Night Party in Hamburg and the Andalö Dinner, an exclusive cooking event, in Munich.

About Andalö

The legend of Carl Petter Andersson is also the birth of Andalö, a fresh and fruity sea buckthorn liqueur from Behn. Andalö, the Swedish inspired sea buckthorn liqueur, inspires sea buckthorn lovers and sea buckthorn discoverers alike. Andalö is a sea buckthorn liqueur that conceals a curious story of its origins. In 1889, smuggler Carl Petter Andersson got into heavy seas with his boat Andalö. Andersson, who always carried fresh sea buckthorn juice with him for refreshment, did not notice in the storm that the smuggled alcohol had mixed with the fresh sea buckthorn juice. However, as luck would have it, the wonderful sea buckthorn liqueur was created. Back home, Carl Petter Andersson refined this chance product even further and as a thank you to his boat, Andersson named his sea buckthorn liqueur Andalö.