PR concept: City helmet campaign for ABUS – ALPHA POOL

ALPHA POOL created a unique PR concept for the city helmet initiative from ABUS. Head injuries are the main cause of death in bicycle accidents involving children and young people. Bettina Wulff therefore advocates the wearing of helmets. Her sons are also not allowed to ride without a bicycle helmet. For this reason, Bettina Wulff was introduced as the new ambassador of the project at the ABUS Charity-Cruise at the Eurobike fair on Lake Constance on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the charity initiative Stadthelm. This was initiated by ABUS in cooperation with the Bundesverband Kinderneurologie-Hilfe e.V. On the occasion of the World Children’s Day, a bicycle tour through the Berlin Tiergarten with Bettina Wulff and affected families was organized for the benefit of the initiative.

For Bettina Wulff this project is something very special. “The project is a matter close to my heart, because it is about protecting children and young people from serious injuries in road traffic. Because the former president’s wife knows how important the helmet is for the head. “We are trying to encourage children, young people and adults to wear a helmet on their bikes,” says Bettina Wulff. “The whole Wulff family has come to wear a helmet,” she continues laughing.

Helmet protects against long-term effects

Above all, underestimated long-term consequences of a bicycle fall when not wearing a helmet are devastating. “It is really enormous how strongly a helmet protects the head in case of an accident. A helmet saves lives. On the other hand, it is also shocking to see the long-term problems that an accident can cause if no helmet is worn. The consequences can last a lifetime,” says the ex first lady. “Often parents do not know where health problems in their children suddenly come from and why they suddenly behave differently or conspicuously. Because often the cause is a bicycle accident that may have happened years ago,” she explains.

Bettina Wulff herself has fortunately not yet experienced a serious accident in her immediate environment. To ensure that this remains the case, she recommends the city helmet. “The special thing about it is the writing of the respective city or region, through which the city helmet creates a connection to the wearer.”

About the Stadthelm project

The city helmet was initiated by ABUS and the Bundesverband Kinderneurologie-Hilfe e.V. It is based on locality and is at home in almost 100 cities. This means that it can be purchased with the logo from cities such as Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen or Berlin. In addition, new cities are constantly being added.