Tourism Marketing for the W Resort Maldives

ALPHA POOL specializes in tourism marketing and destination marketing in connection with celebrities or influencers on site. The potential celebrities or influencers are discussed and defined with the respective destination or tourism partner. ALPHA POOL then takes care of the entire process, including booking the celebrity and production on site. The material produced is then distributed in the pre-defined countries in consultation with the tourism partner or destination.

Tourism Marketing with Celebrities

After their wedding in summer of 2016, Samuel Koch and Sarah Elena Timpe wanted to spend a wonderful honeymoon on the Maldives – more precisely at the W-Resort there. In order to bring the topic into the media, ALPHA POOL exclusively accompanied the two newlyweds there. With a small making-of team, unique pictures were created.

Samuel Koch and his wife Sarah Elena spent a total of two weeks in the luxury resort on the Maldives. Thanks to the great support of the W-Resort they were able to do all the things that people normally do in their honeymoon: parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling in the Indian Ocean and cuddling on the beach. Simply enjoy the togetherness.

But Samuel Koch and his wife were not quite alone. As support they had taken Samuel’s younger brother Jonathan with them. He made their everyday life easier and supported them in their activities.

“I can rarely move as freely as I do in the Maldives”

To make sure that the two of them are as well off as possible in the Maldives, the six-star accommodation W has made a great effort. Because of Samuel’s handicap, they had 19 ramps built so that he could drive freely with his wheelchair. “I can rarely move as freely as I do in the Maldives,” he said in an interview. But he couldn’t get out of his rapture: “I was totally overwhelmed when two of the most beautiful things come together: A paradisiacal place and my new bride. I couldn’t have been happier.”

As a special highlight, the “W” resort even organised an exclusive candlelight dinner for the two of them at a very special location. A lonely island near the resort was the scene of the very unusual dinner – framed by the setting sun over the Indian Ocean.

Making of production by ALPHA POOL

During their stay, Samuel Koch and his wife were accompanied by a small making-of team that was able to produce very intimate snapshots. “The difficulty with such productions is to find the necessary balance between production and emotion. On the one hand, you want shots that are as emotional as possible, but on the other hand, production usually requires a large team that hinders precisely these intimate moments,” explains Luke Lalor, the lead producer of the entire action. However, especially in tourism marketing it is crucial to capture the right emotion to get spectacular pictures.

About Samuel Koch

Samuel Koch had a performance at the TV Show “Wetten, dass…?” in December 2010 and crashed, so he has been paraplegic since then. With the help of his doctors, therapists and family he fought his way back into life and completed his acting studies. On the set of “Storm of Love” he met Sarah Elena Timpe and married her in August 2016.