Zumba Promotion with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden

And she’s dancing again… Alessandra Meyer-Wölden was busy dancing in Berlin in September 2016. Not only for pleasure, because this time it was about the examination for as a Zumba trainer! The 33-year-old turned her hobby into her profession! For some time now, the heart of the “Let’s Dance” participant had been beating for this explosive mix of dance steps and fitness exercises. That’s why she had announced that she wanted to train as a Zumba Instructor. In September 2016 the time had finally come: the mother of three took the exam. For two days she trained and sweated from morning to night under the supervision of teacher Mylgia van Uytrecht during the Basic Zumba Training. But time, sweat and energy paid off in the end: At the end of the course she was officially called Zumba Trainer.

ALPHA POOL met her for an interview on this occasion – and talked to her about her new job and her life between Miami and Germany. She also gave us her personal fit tips and spoke openly about her family life.