The right social media marketing strategy for success

The right social media marketing strategy is crucial for every campaign. Depending on the study or perspective, between 50% and 85% of all Germans use social networks in their everyday life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co. have become a mass phenomenon in recent years and, thanks to their wide reach, social networks generate a significant market value for you as a company that needs to be used. Every successful marketing campaign should therefore always be run on social media together with a corresponding accompanying campaign. Ideally, anyone who comes across reports online will also find what they are looking for on social platforms and vice versa.

Viral content

The possibilities and forms of a successful social media marketing strategy are enormous. Through networking and the interactive exchange of information on the respective platforms, companies can not only reach their target group, but also enter into an indirect dialogue with them. Content can be perceived, shared and commented on by users. In the best case, content on the Internet goes viral. However, successful social media marketing follows its own rules, which cannot be equated with those of “classic PR”.

Guaranteed success

At ALPHA POOL, we know the conditions that will make your campaign successful on social networks. Language, form and length of the contributions are decisive parameters that should be adapted to the special social media communication. At first glance, the content must appear interesting, credible and trustworthy. Headings that call for direct dialogue, provoke or arouse curiosity are crucial, but also the first passages of the text, or the first seconds of the video, and the corresponding image material must be adapted.
Your content must not be perceived as a foreign matter in social networks that suggests aggressive advertising. This can result in a rejection of the content by the target group and the communicative character is lost.

As an experienced marketing agency, we are one of the leading companies in the field of social media and help you to achieve success with the main or accompanying campaign in social networks!

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