International film production for zzysh

For the product launch of zzysh, ALPHA POOL developed and produced a film that made the product advantages clear in a special way: We sent an opened champagne bottle around the world and let top sommeliers from Berlin, Istanbul, Shanghai or Sydney assess the quality of the Champagne during a tasting.

International film production for zzysh: “Tasting Around The World

The challenge was to show something on film that is not visible in the picture. The consistent taste of any champagne or wine thanks to the new bottle closure from zzysh.

The solution: Instead of the product we showed the reaction to the product from the probably toughest jury you can imagine – 6 world-class sommeliers.

The idea was to send a once opened bottle of champagne and two bottles of wine on a world tour and close it with zzysh. This means that each sommelier tested the same bottles of champagne and wine – exclusively kept fresh by zzysh.

The resulting international film production was done with a small team and in one piece to keep the production costs as low as possible. The stations of the journey: The Hotel Stue in Berlin – the Hotel Jagdhof in the Austrian Alps – the Hotel Giraffe in New York – the Hotel Raffles in Istanbul – the Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney – the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai.

It’s worth watching – the film “Tasting Around The World” can be seen here on YouTube.

And it made zzysh: The freshness innovation zzysh drink is here!

zzysh drink makes champagne, sparkling wine and wine last longer – thanks to the innovative product, neither pearls nor bouquet are lost when bottles are already opened.

What corks, silver spoons and closures cannot do, zzysh finally makes possible. The new product from Switzerland keeps opened champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco and wine as fresh as after the first opening. zzysh drink protects fine wines over a long period of time against changes in taste and colour – this has never been seen before.

zzysh makes fine wines tingle longer

zzysh drink is based on a unique principle: the system displaces the air from the opened bottle, envelops the drink in a protective atmosphere and thus provides highly effective protection against oxidation. In combination with the absolutely tight closure, zzysh drink keeps champagne, sparkling wine and wine as fresh as immediately after opening – they still taste like the first sip after weeks.

High-tech processes from food technology

The product innovation zzysh, which can be found on the Internet at, was conceived by the mechanical engineer and entrepreneur Manfred Jüni. The managing director of innveri Schweiz AG was inspired by industrially used protective packaging technology. The zzysh system consists of a closure and a handpiece containing a cartridge with the respective protective atmosphere. The protective atmosphere in the cartridge is brought into the opened bottle with a characteristic hissing sound (hence the product name zzysh!), where it prevents the carbon dioxide from bubbling out due to excess pressure and at the same time protects against oxidation. The inside of the bottle is in the same condition as before the first opening. The champagne or sparkling wine bubbles and tickles even days after the first opening. The wine retains its aroma, colour and taste and is highly effectively protected against oxidation.