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As an experienced full-service online marketing agency, ALPHA POOL offers you success-based PR services with guaranteed online marketing coverage.

We place your topic as an editorial article and / or video with major online publishers and link our fee to our promise of success!


Content Marketing PR through high quality online reports

Our editorial team develops possible editorial stories around your topic, writes them according to the journalistic specifications of the publishers and fills them with photo material. These can be celebrity-occupied topics, e.g. with your endorser or events, but also advice or service pieces with and without celebrity as well as collective stories on a topic that is relevant to you, in which your brand is guaranteed to take place editorially. The PR content is then distributed exclusively through us.

The reach is measured in unique users per month according to AGOF. If the guaranteed minimum reach is not achieved, billing is based on the CPM. I.e. You only pay for actual publications.


Online PR Germany: a wide-reaching and target group-oriented medium

Placing branded content with your advertising message on online platforms is highly effective.

By placing content in online media, you can reach a large audience – depending on the platform. Online articles can be shared, commented on and called up again and again. In the digital age, online PR is the basis of every successful and, above all, high-reach PR campaign.


Content PR through editorial coverage

The editorial articles, in which your brand messages are integrated, are characterized by authenticity and credibility.

The desired content is embedded in texts and / or videos that are interesting and arousing curiosity for the reader or viewer, so that they increase awareness of your brand without being aggressively promotional.

For maximum penetration and creation of awareness, it is recommended to combine it with other PR measures, such as the placement in print or on TV.


Target group marketing

ALPHA POOL has the analysis tools to define your target group and to create the right content pieces for your target media.


We would be happy to advise you on the selection of your marketing strategy.

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ALPHA POOL Online PR Example Deichmann

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