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As an experienced full-service content marketing agency, ALPHA POOL offers you success-dependent PR services with guaranteed marketing coverage.

We design, produce and distribute your brand content and place it authentically in the editorial environment of print media such as newspapers, journals or magazines, without using aggressive magazine advertising.


Content marketing PR through high-quality print coverage

The tailor-made PR content is already tailored to the requirements of the respective print media when it is created, so that we can offer our PR service with a performance guarantee.

We embed your brand messages discreetly but effectively in the editorial content that is tailored to your target group. To do this, we first carry out a target group analysis and determine the right advertising strategy.

The branded content produced by ALPHA POOL and / or your existing brand content – photos, texts, image films, PR events and any making-of material – serve as the basis for the editorial stories. Our experienced editors edit the content and use it to produce high quality journalistic articles. We then distribute the content specifically to the editorial offices of the print media. We guarantee both our customers and our publishers contributions that are appealing and authentic.


VIP topics for the greatest possible success

For broad placement in print media, topics related to a VIP, e.g. your endorser, events or promotions with celebrities are particularly suitable. An important factor for the success of the placements is the selection of the right protagonists, VIPs or influencers with regard to their media relevance and news value.

For the best possible chances of success, we consult our experienced media panel in advance. This enables us to offer our services completely on a success basis. You only pay when we place your content!


Authenticity and credibility

For many consumers, brand placement in a print medium generates a high degree of authenticity and credibility. Due to the oversupply of digital marketing, which has grown enormously in recent years, the medium of print is differentiated from a classic PR measure with a more targeted placement.


Print PR: high-reach and target group-oriented medium

Placing branded content with your advertising message in print magazines is highly effective. Placing content in magazines does not generate as large a reach as, for example, on online platforms, but the magazines enjoy a loyal readership that can be analyzed and defined very precisely.

In addition, readers of a magazine usually deal more intensively and concentratedly with printed articles than with a comparable online article.

For maximum penetration and creation of awareness, we recommend a combination with other PR measures, such as TV or online placement.


We would be happy to advise you on the selection of your marketing strategy.

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