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As an experienced full-service content marketing agency, ALPHA POOL offers you success-dependent PR services with guaranteed marketing coverage.

We design, produce and distribute your brand content and place it embedded in authentic reports on TV.


Content marketing PR through high quality TV reports

The tailor-made content is adjusted to the requirements of the respective TV formats during production, so that we can offer our PR service with a performance guarantee.

We integrate the PR content discreetly but effectively into the editorial content that is tailored to your target group and is not perceived as aggressively promotional. To do this, we first carry out a target group analysis and determine the right advertising strategy.

We create the editorial footage with our experienced production teams and distribute it specifically to the TV editorial offices.


TV PR Germany: a broad and authentic medium

Placing branded content with your advertising message on TV is highly effective. Depending on the airtime and program, you can reach an enormous audience base.

For many consumers, editorial brand placement on television also generates a high degree of authenticity and credibility: ‘If it is reported on TV, it has to be right!’


Cross-channel placement

For a broad, i.e. even cross-channel TV placement, VIP-related topics are particularly suitable, e.g. a prominent endorser, events or campaigns with celebrities. Our experienced teams produce high-quality moving image material on site, which is then distributed as a rough cut to all relevant TV editorial offices.

In order to be able to evaluate this in advance, we rely on our experienced media panel. This approach allows us to offer our services completely based on success. You only pay when we place your content!


Visual effects

Placing your brand, your service or your product on TV allows you to convey your advertising message with moving images and sound, which appeals to several senses of the viewer.

Several studies have proven that visual impressions are particularly lasting in the recipient’s mind.

For maximum penetration and creation of awareness, a combination with other PR measures, such as the print or online placement is recommended.


Target group marketing

ALPHA POOL has the analysis tools to define your target group and to create the right contributions for your desired program and broadcast time.


We would be happy to advise you on the selection of your marketing strategy.

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