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We are a leading German video & film production company

We produce for broadcaster, streaming, companies and agencies

From Premium High-Class to day-to-day eCommerce Content

Our USP: Our price configurator gives you fixed rates instead of hourly costs


We offer you a multitude of possibilities to make your company content tangible for your target group. From commercials to documentaries to social media trailers until music videos, image films or even movies for television –  there are no limits to the creative elaboration of your content through various forms of film.

Filmed content is king

The visual reappraisal of a topic using moving images and sound material is particularly more attractive as an advertising content because it appeals to the viewer’s multiple senses and reaches him on an emotional level. With the right storytelling, your advertising content is integrated into the cinematic representation or your ideas are implemented on a fictional level. We advise and support you in choosing the right form of your tailor-made film that is customized to your company’s marketing goals.


Full service film company

As a full-service film company, we are at your side with both the logistical and creative planning and the implementation of your film project. Whether screenplay, direction, camera, sound or editing – we are among the top service providers in all areas and, thanks to our years of experience in the film business, we can also rely on highly qualified service providers. We implement the developed concepts optimally and cost-efficiently.


Film Format follows plattform

Every type of film needs the right platforms in order to be presented and distributed to the desired audience. Already in the preparation and production of the film, we plan the appropriate marketing strategy, through which your filmic project achieves the greatest possible reach.

Launch events, cinema screenings, TV broadcasts or social media – we have an enormous network of different media platforms, through which we guarantee the appropriate medialization of your film.


Use the potential of film making

Use the potential of the medium film to enhance your image and establish your company content with a wide reach.

High quality, sophisticated, tailor-made – make your film project of your dreams come true with ALPHA POOL.