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ALPHA POOL is a leading creative content marketing agency in Germany. We are specialized in customized content for use across all media:

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Our USP:

We do not list hours, but deliver results.

With guaranteed lead times and with fixed rates!

Whatever content you may need - we have the solution

Making of

awesome backstage content for all your activities

Performance Content

That's what you need to push your eCom sales

all around the world

Find the best location that suits you and your product.

Spectacular Creators

Awesome content deserves awesome protagonists


Good video content for all your social acitivities

Film production

We produced great films since 2002


No matter what size your products are


From concept to production

The foundation of a good content marketing strategy …

… is an exact process


For many of our customers, content marketing is still a mystery. But it doesn’t have to be. The process is easily explained:


  1. First, the exact definition of the target group, i.e. who do you want to reach?
    Because only if you know who you want to reach, you can collect information about this target group.
  2. Collect data and facts about the target group to understand the pain points
    only if these are clear, you know with which arguments you can convince them
  3. Targeting the correct target groups
    you need to know where your targets are and how many of them there are
  4. targeting of the competitors
    to understand what content quality you need to work with to stand out
  5. Determining the platforms and media where they will find their target audience
    Each platform has its own content guidelines
  6. And only when they know this, they can define exactly with which content they reach their target audience
    What content their target audience will respond to, when, and how
  7. And only then – does it go into the creation of this content
    We rely less on creativity and more on data and facts, which the Internet thankfully provides us with in abundance.
  8. The actual content production is at the very end of this chain – but no less important.
    Because a picture or a video still says more than a thousand words.
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Creative Content Production

The foundation of any campaign is creative content production tailored to your content. ALPHA POOL specializes in the conception and creation of content in all areas.

Whether editorial or commercial content, whether photo, moving image or text – we have the optimal team for every requirement to produce high-quality brand content tailored to your needs.

Greatest possible reach

The various forms of content can be linked and supplemented in order to create the greatest possible reach and awareness in the desired target group. Therefore you can receive a complete package of services tailored to your project with us. For example, we shoot your documentary, produce the social media trailer and deliver the appropriate editorial articles.

Of course, our offers can be combined as desired and our PR packages always include a guaranteed reach!

Some examples of our great work


Thanks to our years of experience in the production of high-quality content, ALPHA POOL specializes in producing tailor-made content for you. As a full-service agency, we accompany you on your project and offer all measures from a single source without you having to book additional service providers. This means that all content can be matched and no important content gets lost.


Our specialties include:

  • Editorial content (photo, text, moving image)
  • Documentary
  • Corporate film
  • Commercial
  • Social media trailer and advertising material
  • E-commerce photo and video
  • High-class photography
  • Live production
  • CGI
  • Movie
  • And much more


As a result, you receive the ordered content in the desired quality, in the specified time frame and at the predefined budget. And the best thing about it: The whole thing works with simple onboarding or briefing processes.